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You can use the JavaScript and CSS files from this project to embed any current maintenance or incidents from a StatusPage instance. You can restrict this down to specific components if you know their ID.

The JavaScript file hooks into any HTML element with the class of statuspage-embed-container so it can be loaded asynchronously or placed at the end of the </body>.


Full University of Warwick StatusPage embed:

<div class="statuspage-embed-container" data-api-base=""></div>

Restricting to just a few components:

<div class="statuspage-embed-container" data-api-base=""

Data attributes

  • data-api-base - the fully qualified base URI, e.g.
  • data-components - a JSON array of component IDs - see /api/v2/components.json for a list of component IDs
  • data-poll-interval - how often (in milliseconds) the current summary status should be polled. Defaults to 60000 (i.e. 1 minute)
  • data-position - where the widget should be positioned when displayed, bl, br, tl, or tr. Defaults to bl (bottom left). Note that on mobile, bl and br are treated as bottom and tl and tr as top.
  • data-font-awesome-variant - which variant of FontAwesome icons should be used, fas (solid), far (regular), fal (light), or fad (duotone). Defaults to fas (solid) - note that any other option requires a Pro subscription to FontAwesome.

Content Security Policy

The widget will require a connect-src directive for the API base specified.

Source code and license

The widget is licensed under the ISC license. Source code is available on GitHub.